Tanzania Safaris

East Africa’s largest country remains one of the continent’s most definitive and stirringly original safari destinations. Blessed with a string of superlatives unmatched on the continent: Africa’s highest mountain, and freestanding mountain in the world its largest and biggest volcanic caldera, as it created three picks KIBO, MAWENZI, SHIRA, also it was the oldest human settlement; and – towering above all other safari experiences – the awe-inspiring spectacle of 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras crossing the Serengeti plains, in what naturalists the world over consistently rate as “the greatest wildlife show on Earth.

4 Lions

No great landscape is complete without an inimitable cast of characters. During the great wildebeest migration, an estimated 1.5 million large mammal’s march across the Serengeti, while big cats roam freely through parks and reserves, and spotting hippos and elephants is an almost daily routine. No country can match the diversity of Tanzania’s national parks and the mind-boggling concentrations of its wildlife. First-timers are always wowed, while regulars return year after year because there is always somewhere new to explore, something new to see. Safaris in Tanzania aren’t about spotting a few animals – they’re a sublime immersion in an ancient and astonishing animal world.

Yet peel yourself away from the captivating wildlife, and the landscapes hold countless new experiences. Trek up the world’s highest free-standing mountain and stand at 5,895 meters on the roof of Africa. Or be lulled into hibernation on the idyllic beaches of the mystical Zanzibar Archipelago. And don’t forget one other resident. Tanzanians are famously relaxed and friendly – unsurprising, given that we also coined the phrase “Hakuna matata”.