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Welcome to African Traces Ltd

Clients at Tarangire National ParkWe are one of the most respected adventure companies in Tanzania. We primarily organize adventure trips like trekking to Kilimanjaro mountain, mount Meru, safaris, culture tours, coffee tours, tribe tours and organize a stay for people who wish to volunteer as english teachers in Tanzania.

We have earned a reputation for a high degree of professionalism, along with high quality customer service and first aid medical training, so our guides are well trained and fully qualified multilingual mountain guides considering safety and enjoyment. It is our top priority to meet our customers’ needs: We offer a reasonable price for our service to give our visitors a fantastic experience in this beautiful country. Our trekking and safari expedition offers a special journey for individuals, families and groups.

Mount Meru

Mountain Meru is the second highest mountain Although is completely overshadowed by Kilimanjaro in the eyes of trekkers its spectacular volcanic cone which is East Africa most scenic and rewarding climb since it involves a dramatic and exhilarating walking along the knife edge of the crater. Mountain Meru starts its steep rise from a circular base some 20km across at 2000m at about 2500m some of the wall has broken away so the top half of the mountain is shaped like a giant horseshoe.

The cliffs of inner well below the summit are more than 1500m high among the tallest in Africa inside the crater more recently volcanic eruption have created subsidiary peak called the Ash cone which add to the scenic beautiful.

2 Days Lodge Safari