What kind of the safari jeep we are using?

Which kind of vehicle is safari vehicle?
And, are all safari jeep created equal?

Does it really matter if the jeep for your safari is a quality jeep as long as it runs?
We would to answer all your safari-related questions as it followed
Good safari jeep means good safari, as you have a very short holiday in Tanzania. On the safari you need good jeep and the 4-wheel driver jeep, you need 5,6,7, full days on the safari jeep good will minimize unnecessary breakdown, where by you will not miss the game drive.

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African Traces Land Cruiser in the Wildlife.
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More on Why is a good safari jeep important?
Mostly of the National or safari in Africa and specifically, Tanzania, you will send most of your time in the jeep, therefore having a good safari jeep and professional guide and a good safari car are probably the most important aspects of any safari. Having a bad safari jeep may have bad results and ruin your safari experience.
Your safari jeep will drive along Tanzania’s highways to reach the national parks or remote areas for your tour.
Is your safari going to the Serengeti or Tarangire National Parks? These parks have some areas where your jeep may ford streams, drive up steep inclines, bumping, or need to go through flooded or muddy sections - a quality safari jeep with 4-wheel is absolutely essential for these safaris.
Going to Lake Natron or planning to climb Ol Doinyo Lengai? You will certainly need a good safari car for the rough road to reach this remote location.
Basically, visiting any national park or game reserves requires 4x4 vehicles - under the current regulations of the Tanzania National Park Authority only the four-wheel drive are allowed to enter the protected areas.
It doesn’t have to only is a good safari jeep necessary for accessing some amazing destinations within Tanzania, but a good safari car should provide a level of comfort for passengers, and safely and conveniently transport your luggage and equipment, too.

How do I know a good safari jeep?
A good safari jeep should have the following:
• Be a new model with excellent suspension
• Comfortable seating
• A pop-up roof for 360-degree viewing while in the parks
• A working refrigerator for food/drinks along the way
• Charging ports to keep your electronic devices and cameras up-and-running
• WiFi internet
• jeep radio for guides to communicate with one another throughout the parks, and the office in case there’s no network. And he needs to talk to the office.
• The most of safari jeep have 6 seats in the rear, and a passenger seat beside the driver for a total of 7 seats.
The safari jeeps which run by reputable operators should be well-maintained and have all required safety equipment; including a spare tire and jack, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

African Traces safari jeeps Our company use mostly best models for safari jeep. Our professional drivers are behind the wheels of models imported from Japan remodeled specifically for Tanzania safari.
All of our vehicles include the features listed above, and more! When you travel with African Traces you will be in a comfortable, well-designed safari jeeps that is:
• Our drivers normal wash the everyday during your safari;
• Rigorously inspected at our own company garage before each and every safari;
• Various seating options - from four-passenger seating to six-passenger seating, so you can choose what is most comfortable for your travel group.
• Radio communication - this allows our drivers to keep in touch with park rangers and other safari drivers and share where unique, rare animals have been spotted;
• There is reliable Wi-Fi in all our safari jeeps for you to share amazing shots from the wildlife with your nearest and dearest.

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Well driving jeeps.
Moreover, our safari jeep is driven by expert, professional guides. Our guides are familiar with the parks, have top-knowledge about Tanzania’s wildlife, and are safe and careful drivers with all necessary qualifications.
If you are interested in understanding more about our jeeps, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We contact Marko Mtui from African Traces about a month and a half before our trip to Tanzania in order to book ourself a safari trip. Marko was very communicative and answered all our questions and wonderings.
We checked a few Safari operators in Tanzania and decided to go with African Traces (which had the best "value for money" proposal and a lot of great reviews), and we couldn't choose better!

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Ich bin derzeit auf Weltreise und habe Marko und African Traces von einem anderen Reisenden empfohlen bekommen. Wir hatten unsere Kili-Tour (leider) schon woanders gebucht, eine Safari sollte noch Folgen.
Die Nummer per Whatsapp kontaktiert und es hat vom ersten Moment an gestimmt. Marko weiss was die Kunden wollen. Weiterlesen