Materuni and Kuringe Waterfalls plus coffee plantation

Materuni and coffee plantations

Destination(s):Huru Village

Major Attractions:Waterfall & Coffee Plantations

Tour Guides Language: English.

Starting Point: Moshi /Arusha.

Ending Point: Moshi /Arusha.


This very impressive Waterfall is one of the tallest in the area, spewing crystal clear glacier water 70m into its basin. The beautiful path leading to Materuni Waterfall is located 2500m above sea level.
It traverses thru valleys and hills covered by tropical rainforest, past coffee, banana and avocado “shambas”, the Kiswahili word for farms. On a clear day great views of Kibo and Moshi town can be seen. The hike to the base of the Waterfall walking stick and hiking boots are recommended during the rainy season. As this trip is so close to Moshi town it is ideal for those people with limited time but who would still like to see some of the nature and beauty that this region of Tanzania has to offer.
Materuni is one of the few villages of wonder in Northern Tanzania sitting at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The village is blessed with full of all the beauty worth much visiting for holiday, week-end outing or vacation. While in the village, scenic view of Moshi Town and Mount Kilimanjaro is astonishing. This green village with fresh air from green vegetation’s welcomes visitors to explore the beauty of the land and cultural heritage of the Chagga people.
A cultural experience such as banana beer brewed or coffee roasted the traditional way can be added to your hike.


Full Day Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour Our most popular tour package

African traces

When you arrive at the village office, you will meet the guide from African Traces Company who is the village tour guide. Who speaks English and knowledgeable in the village about flora and fauna which are found in the village. He will welcome you to Materuni village and brief you shortly about the village before you start the hiking.
Then you will take a walk to the waterfall (approx. 40 minutes). On the way you will learn about the village economy, agriculture as well as cultural life and also the guide will explain the surrounding fauna and flora which are found in the village.
Upon arrival at the 90m high waterfall, you'll be fascinated by this unique environment. Please bring swim-suit & towel as there is a beautiful place to take a dip and you are most welcome to enjoy the natural pool if you use to the cold water.

What is a coffee plantation?

The plant, a tropical evergreen shrub or small tree of African origin (genus Coffee, family Rubiaceae), is grown for its seeds, or beans, which are roasted, ground, and sold for brewing coffee. ... Guatemalan laborers working on a coffee plantation. The trip will lead you to coffee program after swimming in which you will have a cup of coffee to warm up yourself before coffee program and lunch.
You will also experience the traditional coffee processing technique and participate in the process of making organic Materuni coffee. Here you will also learn how is coffee is cultivated, dried and roasted. While you produce your own cup of coffee, you are invited to listen, dance and sing with the Chagga women - a fun way to immerse in the local culture. African traces

How local lunch is looks like

The typical Chagga Menu which is rice/pilau, which is brown rice, boiling banana which comes with soup. Fresh vegetables from the village and fruits from the village. For sure, we take care of special food requirements or vegetarian, this food is prepared for the high hygienic.

What are boiled bananas good for?

They can help keep your cholesterol levels healthy.
One major benefit of eating boiled bananas is that it may encourage you to choose underripe, green bananas, which have many health benefits. These include reducing the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood.
African traces

What happens if you boil a banana and drink the water?

Banana tea is made from bananas, hot water, and sometimes cinnamon or honey. It provides antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium, which may support heart health, aid sleep, and prevent bloating.
Finally, if you are interested in a demonstration of the banana beer making process or visiting a local school or typical Chagga house, we are more than happy to adjust our tour based on your personal preferences. Welcome to African traces company for the day trips.