Climbing Kilimanjaro Requre a Technical Skills ?

Kilimanjaro difficultness

-Actually Climbing Kilimanjaro not require technical skills to climb, but depends on a lot of factors: age, fitness level, the route to climb, number of days of the trek, etc.
But don’t allow these factors to intimidate you, either!
The point is to consider all the important factors and determine ways to appropriately manage them. You can train regularly to physically prepare, and book a trek during the dry season for the best chance at sunny weather. Buy or rent quality gear and hike with a seasoned guide.

Kilimanjaro Hiking Difficulty

Is Kilimanjaro a hike? A climb? Or a trek? The difference in these terms is based on the type of equipment needed and level of technical knowledge required.
A hike is the simplest and least complicated activity: basically, it is walking. You do not need any special equipment, and many people walk in basic running shoes or trainers. Just add a pack with a few snacks, a water bottle and call yourself a hiker!
Of course, there are more strenuous hikes, steep inclines and multi-day adventures. But hiking does not require special equipment or knowledge; you just need to be able to walk.
In technical terms, Kilimanjaro is a trek. It takes several days or a week to summit Kilimanjaro and adventurers cover various terrain and should be led by a guide to reach the top. While many trekkers complete the hike unaided, others use trekking poles or are aided with oxygen to reach the summit. Hence, reaching the roof of Africa is termed a trek.
Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the “Seven Summits” - highest peaks on each of the seven continents - and the only one that does not require specialized equipment to reach the top. Mount Kilimanjaro is a mountain, hence it is appropriate to call it a mountain climb.
The first days of your Kilimanjaro trek will start off as hikes and can be completed in regular sports training shoes. The following days will present more difficult terrain and higher altitudes, turning into a trek. Therefore, it is acceptable to use all three terms (hike, trek, climb) interchangeably for Kilimanjaro, but if you want to be precise; Kilimanjaro is a trek.
In short, daily hikes contribute to the overall trek of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. All of these terms are appropriate to use for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Can anyone climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Yes! Almost anyone can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, bearing in mind our recommendations. With determination and training, almost anyone can climb Kilimanjaro.

Please keep in mind some specific health conditions that are not recommended to attempt Kilimanjaro:
>> People with severe forms of cardiovascular disease
>> Children before 8. The actual required age by Tanzania law is 10 years old, children who have fought for the World Record have needed special permission from the government and presented evidence of their extraordinary climbing ability.
>All other climbers are welcome to sign up! Asthma, diabetes or other disorders are not an impediment to this trip. Please consult with your doctor before beginning training and discuss your plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.