In 2020 was an anomaly in Tanzania and in the worldwide , this is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From March to June of 2020, no travelers arrived in Tanzania for tourism. This was the first time in over more than 50 years that there were no climbers on Kilimanjaro
Many Tour operators and related busness i.e hotels all over Tanzania face a difficult time economically. Some struggled to pay operation costs i.e office space,salaries of their employees , but we as African Traces we have tried to save our team till now because we recognized their contributions for building company reputation.
Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, international travel is slowly resuming across the globe. Unfortunately, some countries are still unpredictable for travel, entry requirements are changing , allowing or denying entry to citizens of different countries. Borders open and close with little notice, and could leave travelers stranded due to government changes. For many, there is quite a risk involved in booking a trip that may be cancelled at the last moment.
Further, the risks of contracting coronavirus (and especially its new strains) have not been eliminated. Traveling to large, congested cities or staying in a foreign country presents new challenges that many travelers didn’t consider before.
Tanzania has taken a very different approach than rest of the world

Tanzania Approach agaist Covid-19

First of all the entry requirements to Tanzania are very straight-forward and not ever-changing. To enter Tanzania travelers need only a negative PCR test for coronavirus. Upon arrival, you will still need to take an express test at the airport, which costs $25.

Tanzania has a very consistent travel restriction policy. Most recently (published May 2021), health management restricted entry from arrivals coming from India. Otherwise, travel into Tanzania is open. This country is dependent on tourism and interaction with neighboring nations, and there is no indication that they will close the border again.
The risk of contracting coronavirus in Tanzania is very small, for several reasons:
✓ The number of tourists visiting Tanzania is relatively small compared to other major travel hubs. For example, in 2019, about 30,000,000 (thirty million) people visited Barcelona, while only 1,200,000 ( one million and two hundred thousand) visited Tanzania in that same timeframe.
✓ Social Distancing is easily accomplished for safari drives and mountain treks. Travel groups stay together and do not necessarily need to have any interaction with anyone outside of the climbing team or their safari group.
✓ Most of the activities travelers to Tanzania experience are outdoors, in fresh air. Game drives and wildlife viewing, hiking and trekking are all outdoor experiences. Lodges are well-spread apart from one another, not like multi-storey hotel building in major European cities. And mountain expeditions include comfortable camping outdoors in tents. Game drives and wildlife viewing, hiking and trekking are all outdoor experiences. Lodges are well-spread apart from one another, not like multi-storey hotel building in major European cities. And mountain expeditions include comfortable camping outdoors in tents.
During this Pandemic season, not a single client of African traces Travel contracted coronavirus while traveling in national parks.
Despite these great statistics, we recommend that travelers get vaccinated before visiting Tanzania.
African traces Travel team are carried out vaccinations
In addition, even before vaccination, African traces Travel had developed a number of measures to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus in our team or to our guests.
For our climbing expeditions, safari drivers and hotel personnel we have mandated and overseen the use of antiseptic to clean work surfaces, as well as regular sanitizing of hands by all team members. Our support team is required to maintain physical distance in accordance with social distancing guidelines. We intend to uphold these rules even after the vaccination of our team, until such time as we see the disappearance of the coronavirus as a worldwide threat.
Safety and comfort of our expeditions is one of the priorities of African traces Travel. Our travelers often write about this in their reviews (which can be read here). Part of our core value of safety includes reducing risks of coronavirus and ensuring our guests have peace of mind during their amazing time in Tanzania.
If you have concerns about traveling to Tanzania at this time, whether due to travel restrictions, health risks or other reasons, please feel free to contact us and learn more about our procedures and approaches to keep you safe, and our trip-refund guarantees.
Come to Tanzania with African traces Travel!

For more travel guide for all travelers press here to visit Ministry of Health

Founder Message

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Greeting from African traces Trekking ad safaris!
We like to let you know that your safety and well being are important to our company. We are remanding you about the situation related to COVID 19 in Tanzania and we read to share update with you. It has been good to visit Tanzania , African Traces we are assure to you that we will be careful about your health condition because we have vaccinated stuff.
Thinking about booking your trip to Africa, and something is holding you back? We understand that feeling, especially at this particular time, the COVID 19 situation can not guarantee, if your flight would be schedule on you travel dates or not, don’t be worried about losing your deposit due to flight cancelation. We at African traces we will consider for your refund because we care about you. And we hope you will still dreaming of African, we work better to assure maximum degree of flexibility during this COVID 19.#
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