African Traces History

It’s hard to believe that not so much time has passed, but we can’t stop doing better as time Goes its 1 year since we start
Africantraces can bring you everywhere in Tanzania – from the endless plains of the Serengeti to the Roof of Africa “Mt. Kilimanjaro” down to the Islands of Zanzibar. Before we start this company we worked as a mountain guides and safari guides with different companies. We have more than 8 year of experience as a qualified climbing guide and safari guides with hospitality accommodation and Safari tour operator in Tanzania We currently employ more than 12 registered English, Spanish, Russia, France and Germany speaking Guides.

The company has become the guide of the ‘crucial’ expedition for more than a decade to join the government efforts in the battle against HIV/AIDS. “As you know, HIV/AIDS has become one of the giant problems to our society that’s why I’m saying that there is urgent need to join forces with the government to fight it;


To unite the world long term volunteers with various projects supported by Africantraces company


To enhance community economic development
To improve living condition for special group such as women and children.

Core Values

Social needs
Educational needs
Environmental conservation and sustainability
Employment creation
Improving working and living conditions for the porters who climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, MT Meru and safari guides


To ensure local community development and sustainability
To support disables groups within the community such as women, orphans and poor people by providing them with basic needs such as food, shelter, education etc.
To ensure environmental conservation and sustainability